Learning Activity Examples

The following tools are examples of unique ways to present your content, rather than just having text or photos alone. Interactive content keeps learners engaged and more likely to retain the information they learn. These content containers can be placed anywhere within your course progression or website.

Branching Scenarios – Make cool games and activites for powerful learning

Interactive Videos – Turn videos into games, lessons, and quizzes

Interactive Timeline – Display chronographic information in a neat way

Course Presentation – An advanced slideshow viewer

Course Column – A great and simple way to display material

360 Tour – Display spherical photos for an amazing VR experience

Project Management Tool – Guide students through the creation of a project management system

Drag and Drop – A Simple game helps get your point across

Find the Hotspots – Learn about locations and scenarios

Flash Cards – The Classic Learning Game

Compare Images – A useful comparison tool

Image Pair

Interactive Book – Another great way to display material